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Meeraboo - Banksia Soy Candle




Scent Notes: 

A fresh fusion of grapefruit, bergamot and banksia finished with cassia bark and cedarwood.

The Collection

The Australian Botanicals Collection features hand painted illustrations of native flora and fauna by Holly Sanders. This collection is not only a celebration of culture and Country, but also represents the merging of traditional and contemporary Indigenous art.

The Artist

Holly Sanders is a proud Aboriginal Bundjalung woman from North Coast New South Wales. Through her art, she aims to share her stories, culture and Country in a contemporary way. The patterns of her Saltwater Country motivate her, as do stories from the past. The colours and patterns utilised in her art are a reflection of her connection to Country and used to develop a modern interpretation of her Aboriginal culture. Painting is important for her identity, wellbeing and expresses the way she understands and respects her culture, ancestors and Country.

Artwork Meaning

The artwork represents the variety of native flora on Country. These flowers have been used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years and are much loved, respected and important resources. Many are used for food, medicine, glues, dyes, perfumes and in sacred ceremonies. Many are totem plants, such as the wattle and waratah, which signify seasonal events such as whales arriving on the coast and certain ceremonial times. The variety of blossoms are used as a source of nectar by soaking the flowers in water to create a sweet drink. The leaves also produce oils, which is used for healing purposes and used in cleansing smoking ceremonies. Sacred smoking ceremonies have been passed down for thousands of generations and is one of the oldest ceremonies in the world that is still being practiced today.

Candle Size Guide: Small - 200g / 30+ hours / single wick

Candle Care: To ensure the longevity and a quality burn of your candle, please follow our top 3 tips:

Tip 1: When lighting for the first time, burn for a minimum of 2 hours or until the wax melts across the entire surface of the jar. This prevents tunnelling and creates an even burn.
Tip 2: DO NOT burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at one time. This can damage the wick and cause an undesirable burn.
Tip 3: Before each burn, trim wick to 5mm to promote an even burn, steady flame and limit mushrooming of the wick.

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